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What is Self Storage?

Self storage is the short form for self-service storage and is also known as mini storage. In self storage, storage space is rented out on a short-term basis, often month-to-month with options for longer periods, to individuals and businesses.

Addressing a need

Everyone can use a little more space be it for storing personal or extra belongings, for example:

  • You are renovating your home and need a temporary place to store your furniture  and other items.
  • You could be moving to a brand new apartment or home and need a suitable place to store your old possessions or assets.
  • You want to continue keeping your extra possessions which you are not willing to let go yet.
  • You want a clean and safe place to keep your personal collections.

For businesses, you may need storage space for storing business goods or items, for example:

  • You want flexibility and are unwilling to commit to the normal long term leases of a shop lot or warehouse.
  • You are an entrepreneur who does not need a warehouse but only minimal storage space for your goods.
  • Your business requires storage space that matches with the seasonal market demand of your goods.
  • You want a convenient and secure place to store office documents, marketing materials, event equipment and props.
  • Your storage unit can also be your showroom for your business items.

Features of self storage

Self storage facilities enable individuals to store personal belongings and businesses to store business items at locations which are well served by main roads and highways for good visibility and easy accessibility. These locations are usually nearby or in the vicinity of residential areas and commercial hubs. They typically operate for long hours seven days a week.

Within the self storage facilities, customers choose the storage units from different available sizes that best suit their storage needs and take up those units for as long as their needs exist. In some self storage facilities, climate-controlled units are also available for customers  to store  high value items such as paintings, antiques, stamps, books, clothes, cigars, wine, pharmaceutical items, musical instruments, medical and electronic products, which are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes.

Self storage facilities are normally well equipped with security systems such as alarms, CCTVs, electronic door access, and well trained security personnel. Customers secure their storage units with their own padlocks.

Once the customer decides to take up a storage unit, he can move in anytime for a minimum storage period of two weeks and up to a maximum of twelve months, which are renewable upon expiry. When he chooses to terminate the storage period, he is only required to give fourteen days’ notice of termination. At any time when his storage needs change during the storage period, he is often allowed to size up or size down the space without penalty.